Need a new job? Here are the largest employers in the U.S.

A Kroger store in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)

Wal-Mart has more than 2 million employees, greater than the populations of Wyoming and Vermont combined. While some of those people work outside the U.S., it’s still shocking to see a single company with such a large workforce.

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How does Wal-Mart stack up to the other corporate giants when it comes to employment? With that question in mind, FindTheCompany, a corporate research site by Graphiq, decided to find some of the largest employers in America.

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Using 2016 data from Dun & Bradstreet, the data experts ranked the companies and agencies in the U.S. with 200,000 or more employees. Employee figures reflect the number of employees who work directly for the employer, not through franchises, and include employees worldwide. In the event of a tie, companies that were founded earlier were favored.

Because the federal government is overwhelmingly the largest employer in the U.S., professions under this branch were broken out into separate departments (e.g. the Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Postal Service). Additionally, FindTheCompany broke down the Department of Defense into its separate agencies.

Some of the usual suspects make the list, including General Electric, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart. However, major tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon — which have thousands of people on their payrolls — are all absent.

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Note: Employment figures from Dun & Bradstreet may not be exact.

44. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

  • Headquarters: Minnetonka, Minn.
  • Total employees: 200,000
  • Year founded: 1974

United Health reported operating earnings of $11 billion in 2015.

43. Costco Wholesale Corporation

  • Headquarters: Issaquah, Wash.
  • Total employees: 205,000
  • Year founded: 1983

As of 2015, Costco was the second largest retailer in the world, behind Wal-Mart.

42. State of California

  • Capital: Sacramento
  • Total employees: 208,580
  • Year founded: 1850

The state of California paid $1.1 billion in monthly net wages monthly for the November 2016 pay period.

Note: Employment figure pertains to employees (excluding California State Universities) appointed to the State Controller’s Office Employment History Data Base.

41. Bank of American Corporation

  • Headquarters: Charlotte, N.C.
  • Total employees: 213,000
  • Year founded: 1968

The Bank of America ranks No. 11 on Forbes’ list of the world’s biggest public companies.

40. General Motors Company

  • Headquarters: Detroit, Mich.
  • Total employees: 215,000
  • Year founded: 1908

The auto manufacturer is headquartered in Detroit.

39. United States Department of Homeland Security

  • Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
  • Total employees: 216,000
  • Year founded: 2002

The Department of Homeland Security was established in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

38. The TJX Companies, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Framingham, Mass.
  • Total employees: 216,000
  • Year founded: 1919

TJX Companies is an American apparel and home goods retailer, which includes T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

37. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation

  • Headquarters: Teaneck, N.J.
  • Total employees: 221,700
  • Year founded: 1994

Cognizant is a public company that provides information technology and consulting services to its clients.

36. Randstad North America, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Ga.
  • Total employees: 222,000
  • Year founded: 1994

Randstad North America, Inc. is in the help supply services industry.

35. HCA Holdings, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Nashville, Tenn.
  • Total employees: 233,000
  • Year founded: 1990

HCA operates health care facilities throughout the U.S. and U.K.

34. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • Headquarters: New York, N.Y.
  • Total employees: 234,598
  • Year founded: 1968

JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States, with total assets of $2.4 trillion.

33. United States Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
  • Total employees: 235,000
  • Year founded: 1930

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides benefits and services to U.S. veterans and their families.

32. Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC

  • Headquarters: Ridgefield Park, N.J.
  • Total employees: 235,999
  • Year founded: 1938

Samsung Telecommunications America is part of the larger Samsung company, which is based in South Korea.

31. Starbucks Corporation

  • Headquarters: Seattle, Wash.
  • Total employees: 238,000
  • Year founded: 1985

Starbucks reported more than $19 billion in revenue in 2015.

30. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

  • Headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.
  • Total employees: 240,000
  • Year founded: 2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise was formed in 2015 after HP split.

29. Citigroup, Inc.

  • Headquarters: New York, N.Y.
  • Total employees: 241,000
  • Year founded: 1988

Along with JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, Citigroup is considered one of the “Big Four” banks in America.

28. CVS Health Corporation

  • Headquarters: Woonsocket, R.I.
  • Total employees: 243,000
  • Year founded: 1963

CVS Health operates more than 9,600 stores globally.

27. Securitas Holdings, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
    • Securitas has six regional offices throughout the U.S.
  • Total employees: 250,000
  • Year founded: 1989

Although based in Stockholm, Sweden, Securitas has operations across the world, including the U.S.

26. Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Deerfield, Ill.
  • Total employees: 253,400
  • Year founded: 2014

Walgreens Boots Alliance formed after Walgreens purchased a majority stake in Alliance Boots.

25. PepsiCo, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Purchase, N.Y.
  • Total employees: 263,000
  • Year founded: 1919

Popular PepsiCo products include Lay’s potato chips, Gatorade and Mountain Dew.

24. Wells Fargo & Company

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, Calif.
  • Total employees: 264,700
  • Year founded: 1929

Wells Fargo has been embroiled in a scandal since September 2016, when it was revealed that more than 2 million bank accounts or credit cards were opened or applied for without customers’ knowledge.

23. Albertsons Companies, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Boise, Idaho
  • Total employees: 265,000
  • Year founded: 1939

Albertsons acquired Safeway Inc. in 2015 for $9.2 billion.

22. Aramark

  • Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Total employees: 265,500
  • Year founded: 1959

Aramark provides a wide range of services to its clients including food, facilities and uniforms.

21. Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Mooresville, N.C.
  • Total employees: 270,000
  • Year founded: 1946

Lowe’s is the second largest hardware chain in the world, behind The Home Depot.

20. Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America

  • Headquarters: Newark, N.J.
  • Total employees: 271,789
  • Year founded: 1918

The Panasonic Corporation of North America is Panasonic’s principal subsidiary in the U.S.

19. AT&T, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
  • Total employees: 281,000
  • Year founded: 1983

The telecommunications giant has numerous subsidiaries in the U.S., including DIRECTV.

18. City of New York

  • Total employees: 310,000
  • Year founded: 1625

The New York city government employs more people than any other city in the United States.

17. United States Department of the Treasury

  • Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
  • Total employees: 323,000
  • Year founded: 1789

The Department of the Treasury is tasked with managing the government’s finances and promoting economic growth.

16. Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Omaha, Neb.
  • Total employees: 331,000
  • Year founded: 1889

Berkshire Hatahway is a multinational holding company whose subsidiaries include GEICO, Dairy Queen and Fruit of the Loom.

15. General Electric Company

  • Headquarters: Boston, Mass.
  • Total employees: 333,045
  • Year founded: 1892

GE and its subsidiaries operate in a variety of fields including consumer appliances, oil and gas and aviation.

14. Target Corporation

  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Total employees: 341,000
  • Year founded: 1902

Target currently ranks 36 on the Fortune 500.

13. Compass Group USA Investments LLP

  • Headquarters: Charlotte, N.C.
  • Total employees: 360,000
  • Year founded: 1997

Part of the larger U.K. based Compass Group PLC, Compass Group USA provides food and support services.

12. Express Services, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • Total employees: 373,869
  • Year founded: 1983

Express Employment Professionals is one of the largest staffing companies in North America.

11. International Business Machines Corporation

  • Headquarters: Armonk, N.Y.
  • Total employees: 377,757
  • Year founded: 1910

IBM was originally named the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.

10. The Home Depot, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Ga.
  • Total employees: 385,000
  • Year founded: 1978

Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S.

9. McDonald’s Corporation

  • Headquarters: Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Total employees: 420,000
  • Year founded: 1940

The fast food restaurant chain owns more than 14,000 restaurants in the U.S.

8. The Kroger Company

  • Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Total employees: 431,000
  • Year founded: 1883

Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the U.S. by revenue.

7. United Parcel Service, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Ga.
  • Total employees: 444,000
  • Year founded: 1907

UPS delivers more than 18 million packages and documents per day.

6. Yum! Brands, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Louisville, Ky.
  • Total employees: 505,000
  • Year founded: 1997

Yum! Brands owns several popular fast food chains, including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

5. United States Department of the Air Force

  • Headquarters: Arlington, Va.
  • Total employees: 529,688
  • Year founded: 1947

The U.S. Air Force became its own military branch in 1947, following the conclusion of WWII.

4. United States Postal Service

  • Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
  • Total employees: 618,000
  • Year founded: 1776

The U.S. Postal Service is one of the oldest agencies in the U.S. government.

3. United States Department of the Navy

  • Headquarters: Arlington, Va.
  • Total employees: 707,685
  • Year founded: 1798

The Department of the Navy operates the largest naval fleet in the world and contains the U.S. Marine Corps.

2. United States Department of the Army

  • Headquarters: Arlington, Va.
  • Total employees: 763,522
  • Year founded: 1947

The Department of the Army was created in 1947 with the National Security Act of 1947. The DA was originally called the Department of War.

1. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Bentonville, Ark.
  • Total employees: 2,300,000
  • Year founded: 1945

The largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart reported an astounding $485.7 billion in consolidated revenue in 2015.

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