What is the best mattress for your money?

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Looking for the best mattress for your budget? To cut through the clutter of advertising you’ll see out there, Consumer Reports has taken a look at the best mattresses and mattress retailers.

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Here are the best affordable mattresses

The magazine broke out their findings by category: Traditional innerspring, memory foam and adjustable air.

In each category, Consumer Reports recommends a best buy, as well as other mattresses they recommend based on ratings.


Innerspring mattresses can be costly. A four-digit price tag seems to be a prerequisite for every recommended innerspring on Consumer Reports’ list — except for one affordable outlier.

The Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice is list as a best buy and sells for $500. It is 11 inches high, weighs 61 pounds and has 4 grips for easier handling.

Two others best buys — the Charles P. Rogers St. Regis Pillowtop and the Beautyrest Platinum Hailey Luxury Firm — price out at more than twice the price. They’re $1,100 and $1,190, respectively.

Memory foam

There are no fewer than 10 recommended buys in this category that cost less than $1,000.

Online bedding upstarts like Casper and Tuft & Needle make a strong showing with The Casper ($950) and T&N Mattress ($575) both named as best buys.

But there’s a recommended buy that wins on price and it’s from an Old Faithful of the mattress industry: The Marley mattressfrom Sleep Innovations will only set you back $430.

Adjustable air

While there have been a lot of choices up to this point, you could say that the “air” starts to get kind of thin in this category!

Only three mattresses made the cut when Consumer Reports looked at adjustable air bedding, and they’re all from the same manufacturer — Sleep Number.

And bonus: It turns out the cheapest contender is the winner of the best buy designation — the Sleep Number c2 Bed for $900.

Talk about breathing rarefied “air”!

Remember, price doesn’t equal quality when it comes to mattresses!

A more expensive mattress may not make for a better product. Want to find the right mattress for you? Check out Consumer Reports’ buying guide here.

Who is the best mattress retailer?

On the question of retailers, Consumer Reports ranked Amazon as the top choice for customer satisfaction, followed closely by the Original Mattress Factory.

Money expert Clark Howard’s longtime recommendation of Costco as a great place to buy a mattress is getting a little headwind this year. Costco drops to the fourth spot on the tally.

That said, Costco has a great return policy on mattresses: A full money back refund without penalty and no time limit. That really makes Costco stand apart!

Clark loves the warehouse clubs for mattress shopping, and he’s long advised people to test the mattress right there in the store for an extended period.

Just bring a book or your phone to Costco or Sam’s Club and get those mattresses off the displays or yank them off the walls! Then lay there for 15 minutes and see how you like the feel before you buy.

Meanwhile, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Casper once again, which is a new mattress company that’s beloved by millennials. Casper’s mattresses come via package delivery in a tiny box. You open up the box and watch the bed unfold before your eyes. The mattress, which starts at $595, is made of memory foam and latex.

Here’s the reason a lot of young people really like this company: Casper gives you 100 nights to test out their mattress. If you don’t like it, you send it back for 100% refund with free return pickup. No questions asked!

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