You can often get these things from Costco without a membership

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Costco is a fan favorite for a reason — there are deals around every turn.

While you can’t make a purchase without a membership, there are ways to get some of the benefits. Call your Costco to confirm before you shop.

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Videos by Rare

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Food court

Every time I go to Costco, I try to plan it around a meal. They only have basics — think hot dog, sandwich, salad and pizza — but they are a good deal.

Many food courts are on the other side of the registers from the main floor, so you go in the out door to get to them. If anyone stops you and asks for a card, tell them where you are going.


Prescriptions can’t be limited to members, and therefore non-members can visit the pharmacy and take advantage of that service.

Eye exam

While you can’t buy contacts or glasses without a membership, everyone can get an eye examination without joining Costco.


This varies by state, but many don’t allow special deals or restrictions of alcohol sales. The clerk might not know about this, so you might need to have a manager step in. See a list of states where you can likely by alcohol without a membership.

Cash card

The way to purchase the most items without a membership is by using a Costco cash card. A member must purchase or reload the card, but a non-member can use it. Costco explains more about how to use the cash card here.

There are many in-store and additional items available online at One thing to note is that since it’s a member site, non-members may order but are charged an additional 5 percent for the items.

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