This Bandito Wristwatch Claims to Keep Mosquitoes Away


During a long, hot summer, the only respite you have from scorching afternoons are those warm, breezy summer evenings. Unfortunately for all of us, mosquitoes — no doubt the world’s most hated insect — love those warm nights, too. Apart from bathing in insect repellent, there just aren’t many foolproof ways to consistently keep mosquitoes at bay. And if there’s one great unifier across these United States, it’s folks sharing tips and tricks on mosquito control. From Tulsa to Kansas City to Bangor, the great outdoors are a place we share with these pesky mosquitoes.

Well, there weren’t many effective treatment options until the Bandito Mosquito Blocking Wristwatch hit Indiegogo. If you’re not familiar with Indiegogo, it’s a crowdfunding platform that gives regular folks a place to see if the public will support their idea, event, or product. So here’s a breakdown of this new product that was fully funded in less than an hour. People want to take down the dangerous mosquitoes that bad, y’all.

What is the Bandito?

Mosquito Bandito
Indiegog: Bandito

The Bandito wristwatch claims to protect the wearer from mosquitoes through its non-toxic scent combined with its powerful sonic sound. The non-toxic uses citronella, peppermint, and lemongass to create a natural mosquito repellent that works as an effective barrier spray without bothering the wearer. Oh, and if you don’t love watches, it detaches and clips anywhere.

The sound is audible if you hold the watch up to your ear, but the faint buzzing is so quiet, Bandito claims that “it’s nearly impossible for humans to hear otherwise.” Check out the video to hear the sound. You’ll notice it mimics the annoying buzz of mosquitoes, but is nearly impossible to hear.

The wristwatch uses refills, and Bandito promises each will last for one season, or three months. Refills include 12 vacuum sealed scent strips (Bandito recommends changing once every two weeks) and 1 battery that lasts about 500 hours, or as the brand put it, 5.5 hours of daily usage for 90 days.

Whether you’re hitting the dining patios for happy hour, the golf course for an early evening game, or the lake for your favorite water-based activities, the Bandito wristwatch is there to stay out of your way.

Mosquito Bandito
Indiegogo: Bandito

After all, isn’t it great to not have to worry about the smell and discomfort of the standard barrier spray? Pest control was never easier than strapping this baby on, even if you love fishing and often find yourself at mosquito breeding grounds.

You can preorder a Solo Pack for $29, a Solo Pack with refills for $34, or a Family Pack that features four Bandito watches for only $89. To learn more and order one, check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

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