This Motorized Pool Tube Can Be Yours for Only $149

Summer is going to be the best! We can’t stop obsessing over these motorized pool tubes. It’s time to ditch your boring pool inflatable and play bumper cars with the Motorized Pool Tube by PoolCandy.

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Gone are the days of having to paddle over to the edge of the pool to get out. Just use the joystick to maneuver around the swimming pool. And yes, you can do 360-degree spins in the motorized pool tube, so go ahead and show off at your next pool party.

The Motorized Pool Tube by PoolCandy

motorized pool tube
Hammacher Schlemmer
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • Pricing: Under $150
  • Backrest for relaxation

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This is the pool toy I wish I had as a kid! Imagine pulling up to a family gathering with this. All the kids would be jealous. You can find the motorized pool tube on Hammacher Schlemmer for $149. Just pop some D batteries in the pool tube to get movin’.

It looks so exciting, and this is a great budget-friendly alternative for a GoBoat. Customers are leaving fantastic reviews about their new lavish inner tube.

A customer left a five-star review and said, “It was for my Grandchildren and it is the perfect device for them.”

The Motorized Pool Tube
Hammacher Schlemmer

The Tube Runner has everything a lazy person could want. A joystick, headrest, and a cup holder are all you need for an afternoon soaking up rays. If you’re hoping a motorized pool lounger exists, then you’re in luck.

  • Fantastic customer reviews
  • Motorized power
  • Special offer: free delivery in June 2021
  • Repair kit included
  • Protective safety grill

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Amazon is also selling the motorized pool float! Lie back, and enjoy the same luxury. The “motorized” sensation doesn’t end here, though. Hammacher Schlemmer is also selling a motorized Hot Tub Boat. Yep, this is the summer of motorized pool accessories.

Bump ’em, race ’em, or relax.

For more awesome pool floats, pool rafts, inflatable swimming pools, air pumps, and more, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on June 18, 2020.

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