This Winery Will Pay You $10,000 a Month to Live There and Drink Wine for a Year!

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Videos by Rare

Well, it looks like I’m packing my bags and moving to Sonoma County, California. I love you Texas, but I love wine more. Turns out Murphy-Goode Winery is looking to fill in a new position that is pretty much a dream come true. According to CNN reports, the company is hiring someone to move to the Wine Country and learn more about the business for a year. But wait, it gets way better. According to Murphy-Goode’s “A Really Goode Job,” description, the position pays $10,000 a month and covers rent in the town of Healdsburg in Sonoma County!

YES, you read that right! $10,000 and free rent to basically just hang around the winery, drink wine, and review the products. This is truly wonderful. So, what exactly are you going to be doing? Well, for the first 90 days the new hire will be shadowing winemaker Dave Ready Jr., who is the son of one of Murphy’s-Goode’s confounders, around the vineyard in order to explore the world of winemaking and the functions of the winery.

“A Really Goode Job”

After that, they will work with the business to come up with a more specific role based on their interest. As far as qualifications, well the major one is a passion for all things wine. Of course, because you’re not going to hire someone who doesn’t like the taste of delicious Merlot or Rose. In the job description, which is located here, the Califonia winery asks for someone who always answers “yes please” whenever someone asks you red or white and whose “preferred Swiss Army knife is a wine key.” Oh, and yes, of course, be 21-years of age or older.

The dream job apparently comes with several numerous perks, including 30 cases of wine. So safe to say you’ll be good for at least two or three months. In addition to getting paid to drink in a very beautiful setting, the new employee will learn about the dynamic world of e-commerce, brand promotions, and winery operations. So, there you have it, wine lovers, the job duties are pretty doable.

Sonoma Wine County

Plus, let’s not forget that huge monthly salary. All you have to do is submit a short video of yourself describing why you think you would be a good fit for the position. Humor and creativity are highly encouraged because nobody wants a weird and sloppy wine drinker. Candidates have until June 30th, 2021 to apply for his very beautiful opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you for doing this Murphy-Goode, I appreciate you, and I can’t wait to taste what this beautiful person will come up with.

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