A new trend, the “Halloween Tree” is popping up in homes across the United States where most of us are either too lazy or too bored to take down the Christmas tree. While the “Halloween Tree” sounds like a bizarre decoration, it really only takes a bit of getting used to. And if we’re being honest, the fact that we all bring a tree inside every winter is pretty bizarre as well. Check out some of these decorations:

Hello, October 1st. I am ready for you. #Halloween #HalloweenTree

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Anybody else’s wife does a #halloweentree?

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Ever since Tim Burton’s classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” came out, there’s been a definite tie between Halloween and Christmas. Thus, it just seems like a logical idea to put up your Christmas tree early and decorate it for Halloween. Once the spooky holiday is over, bring out the Christmas decorations. Then maybe a Valentine’s Day tree?

#HalloweenTrees are a thing. Would you have one? 🎃 Andy

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