Nine reasons to take a Disney cruise

NASSAU, Bahamas — Millions of people take a cruise every year. For some it’s about the food, and for others it’s about setting sail to some exotic location.

But for anyone deciding on what cruise line they should take on their next sea excursion, consider a Disney cruise. Now, hang on a second before dismissing the cruise line as nothing more than the Magic Kingdom at sea. Here are nine reasons to consider a Disney cruise.

A porthole in every room

For anyone who has never been on a cruise, that first glance out the porthole to spy the ocean passing by is a surreal feeling. Disney extends that feeling to everyone on the boat — even guests with inside staterooms. There are portholes with video screens that provide a real-time view of the world outside.

Fireworks — yes, fireworks — at sea

Of course, no Disney cruise in the Caribbean would be complete without a Pirate Night. And, in typical Disney fashion, they do it right. The company says it was the “first cruise line to have a fireworks display at sea,” and there is pretty much no better way to end the night than with a live pirate themed outdoor show followed by a fireworks display.

Animals made out of room towels toting tasty chocolates

At most hotels, the room staff are barely noticeable. But, on a Disney cruise, room attendants make their presence known — in a positive way. That’s partly because they actually take the time to introduce themselves to guests. It’s also because they make ridiculously hysterical animals — such as a dachshund or a pig holding the coveted pillow treats — using room towels.

Great food — and all you can eat

Many cruises pride themselves on the food. Some extol the quality, others the quantity. Disney can surely tout both. It starts with an incredible staff of servers who stay with the guests for the entire trip as they rotate among the ship’s restaurants, and it extends to the fact there is no limit to how much food one can order at dinner. Want more salmon, they’ll bring another piece — if you still have room at the end of the meal, that is. Presumably, if pirates ate this well at sea, they wouldn’t have pillaged. Then, we wouldn’t have had Pirates of the Caribbean — or Disney cruises.

A private island for your beach pleasure

There aren’t a lot of companies that can build a cruise line from scratch. There are probably even fewer that can secure an island in the Bahamas and create a private paradise. Well, Disney did both, and it’s pretty much amazing. They even sank an old submarine from Walt Disney World’s former 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction for snorkelers to enjoy.

No shortage of Disney characters

No Disney experience is complete without a close encounter with Mickey Mouse and his cohorts. On the ship, they’re pretty much everywhere. They come to greet passengers before even boarding, and they’re on stage for Broadway style shows. Just like the theme parks, they feature lines. Be patient. Everyone in line has his or her own personal time with the characters.

Never-ending ice cream cones

So, there’s a self-serve soft-serve ice cream station. Grab a cone and help yourself. The banana-strawberry swirl is the bombdiggity.

Lido deck — one with kids and one without

Yes, it’s a Disney cruise. That means there are kids. Lots of them. But, for anyone looking to escape the chaos of kids, just head to the upper decks for an adult-only section that features a pool, a bar and the best views as the ship pulls into port. There are also exclusive dining and entertainment options for adults.

Amazing views of the sunset

When there are no buildings to obscure the view, the sunset at sea is pretty much amazing. It’s one of those instances where a picture speaks for itself.

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