Not all superheroes wear capes or jump from skyscraper to skyscraper across the city skyline. The funny thing about real superheroes is that many of them surround us in our day to day lives — on the train, in line at the local coffee shop, or sitting right across from us at work.

The astonishing thing about realĀ superheroes is that they are normal people like you and me, and many of them don’t know how special they truly are.

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J.R. Langwell is a local Atlanta superhero, and we had the opportunity to follow him over the course of a week. J.R. works at a local grocery store during the week, checks in guests and answers calls at the YMCA, drives for Lyft and Uber, volunteers during his free time, and is very active in his church community. He has a beautiful wife, Rayshanda, who is just as active as he is.

J.R. and Rayshanda have a passion for life and have devoted their relationship to giving back and inspiring others.

J.R. has not let anything get in the way of completing his goals and living a life that will forever be remembered. In his own words:

“I have advice for people who feel like they cannot reach their goals. They will reach their goals; everyone does reach goals. It takes time. Rome was not built in a day. If you feel like you are struggling, have fun, think of positive things. You only live once. Just do it. Do something on your bucket list. If you want to skydive, then skydive. If you want to go take a trip to Mexico, take that trip. Just do it!”

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