OnlyFans Model Says Her Mom’s New Boyfriend Is One Of Her Best Paying Subscribers


When starting an OnlyFans, something in the back of a model’s mind may be the fear that they will run into their subscribers in real life. Unfortunately, this is a reality that OnlyFans model Sophia, 28, had to face.

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Sophia spoke with Australian radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson about her very uncomfortable experience meeting her mom’s new boyfriend. The man, who met Sophia’s mother at the gym, is apparently one of her biggest subscribers. Sophia, who has only a couple hundred subscribers on OnlyFans but makes $6,000 a month from the site, said, “I only do topless shots,” and keeps her OnlyFans page on the “down low.”

Meeting Mom’s New Boyfriend

However, Sophia said that her mom’s new man does not just pay for a monthly subscription, but sends her extra money for more raunchy content. While her mother apparently knows what she does for a living, she is not aware of the fact that Sophia takes additional money for extra racy content.

Sophia claims that her mom’s boyfriend spends an extra $500 to receive content other than just “topless shots.” Sophia said, “He has not just seen topless shots, he has seen a lot more than that. We sent photos back and forth, he has seen videos of me touching myself.”

Because of the fact that she sometimes records her content in her mom’s bedroom, Sophia is frightened that this fan is a stalker and only dating her mother to get closer to her. Sure, they met at a gym, but it could have been way more planned than a casual chance encounter. On first meeting her mom’s boyfriend, Sophia said, “He looked sheepish [when we met] and that is what creeped me out the most.”

The radio hosts told Sophia she needs to tell her mom that the man she loves is one of her daughter’s biggest subscribers, but Sophia is hesitant to lose $20 if he stops subscribing to her OnlyFans page.


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