Professor Says Aliens are Among Us and Are Abducting People

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Videos by Rare

Temple University professor David Jacobs says that “alien hybrids” are here on Earth, walking among us, and abducting people as they stroll merrily along.

Well, duh.

Jacobs made his claim in the movie, Extraordinary: The Revelations. Some people will tell you that it wasn’t exactly a bold statement. Something has to explain all the weird stuff that takes place in the world, right?”

Right. And Jacobs gave it his best shot.

“We have spread around the world and conquered as much as we can…we don’t know whether this is true of other beings or not, but it certainly is true of what humans have done,” he said.

“My best guess — and this is a guess — is that yeah, they’re doing the same thing.”

Extraordinary: The Revelations

OK, so it appears he’s only guessing. He made that abundantly clear.

But he also added that he has interviewed several survivors of alien abductions — and that they didn’t paint such a horrible picture. In fact, it actually seemed kind of mundane.

“When they get older they will be required to stand on the corner of a street,” he said.

“There will be a large number of people running down the street and your job is to say, just keep moving, everything will be OK.”

So, what is the purpose of these galactic critters?

 “What they were describing was that the ones on board who looked really, really human were coming down and trying to learn what it’s like to walk among us, to be human,” Jacobs said of those who interviewed with him.

“At that point, I knew, it’s integration into society, prior to takeover…They can control us, and we can’t control them. They are superhumans, so to speak.

“Whether they are going to take over or not, they can control the human mind… I don’t know what’s going to happen after that, I fear the worst.”

Yeah, well, welcome to the club.

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