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Passion and food come together, hand in hand. It’s an undisputed fact that tastes can bring you back to better times, and they can instantly improve your mood or social engagement. Raffaele Mascolo came to America from Naples 25 years ago with an idea in mind to bring us closer to our food. He has been learning the true art of cheese making since he was a child and has made it his mission to spread his teachings through the passion that he shares with creating and combining food, in particular, fresh cheeses.

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Raffaele likes to make the point that good, fresh foods are what make a person truly healthy. Combinations of fruit, wine, cheese and meat fill his plate as he explains, “This is the way to live forever.”

While on the shoot with him, we were able to try some of his cheese at the Calyroad Creamery in Atlanta, Ga. The mozzarella definitely made us feel like we were going to live forever.

Check the video for more Raffaele-isms and get acquainted with his charming personality.

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