Heartwarming Video Shows 6-Year-Old Boy Patiently Feeding Grandfather With Alzheimer’s

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Oh man, my heart is beating twice its regular speed right now. Just look at this little munchkin helping out any way he can. I swear I have not stopped crying after seeing this video. It just goes to show you how sometimes children are the most selfless and caring family members on the planet.

The heartwarming video shows Colton Keith, 6, cutting his grandfather’s baked potato on his plate and feeding a loved one his dinner. In the touching and adorable video, the boy can be heard asking, “You want some coleslaw, right here?” To which the grandpa answers yes. The boy then scoops up some coleslaw onto a spoon and gestures for his 79-year-old grandpa to open his mouth.

The 6-year-old carefully makes sure his grandfather, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and can’t look after himself, doesn’t leave any pieces of food around his mouth before feeding him some more. He carefully cleans his spoon with a napkin before then going on the potato with a fork. The mom, who is the one filming, encourages her son to ask his Grandfather to see if it tastes good as the grandpa nods in acknowledgment.

According to the boy’s mom, Nichole Eastridge, little Colton makes this effort at the dinner table every night, which is just one of his many kind gestures. You can literally see how excited the little boy is, trying to make sure his grandfather is comfortable. The mom stated that the man lives on his own, but is unable to properly look after himself, which is why the dynamic duo goes to his house every day. Eastridge stated that Colton always wants to go with her to help, and offers to push him around in his wheelchair, help him put his shoes on and drink water.

This just makes my heart melt to the core. The fact that this kid is only six-years-old and is voluntarily helping out and looking after his grandfather, is everything. We need more Colton’s in this world.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 7, 2019. 

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