Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are ‘100% Over’

Daily Show host Trevor Noah and ex-girlfriend Minka Kelly are officially split, and this time it’s supposedly for good. The two have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for a while. This isn’t the first time they’ve split, but E! News claims an exclusive source says it’s “100% over.”

The couple were spotted vacationing together in a variety of locales even after news of previous breakups. They were often out on dates and jet setting to places like St. Barts and Trevor Noah’s motherland, South Africa. News of their official partnership first got out in September 2020, although by then they were allegedly already living together. They tried to keep their relationship private although they’d started dating in early 2020 and Minka moved in with Trevor in August.

Trevor once told Howard Stern that he’s “not opposed to” getting married one day and he “can only know where [he is] now in life.”

“When we meet people, we should tell them who we are. Be honest. You know why? You should have the person love you or hate you for who you are, not for who you portray yourself to be. How many people go into a relationship like a used car salesman, bullsh***ing about who they are?”

He elaborated that, when people aren’t honest right off the bat, “two years in, the love starts fading. The infatuation starts fading…you didn’t change. You just became who you truly are….You can seduce without being dishonest about who you are as a person….that is true romance, when you lose the naivete.”

He also said he believes that one of the biggest reasons people break up or get divorced is because people cohabitate. Trevor thinks that it’s healthier for serious couples to live separately.

Maybe this is part of the reason that Minka and Trevor didn’t work out?

It doesn’t matter. It’s pretty clear what the key takeaway is. Trevor Noah is single again, ladies.

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