Which Image (of Four) You See First Reveals A Lot About The Way You Love

El Viejo Y El Rio by Octavio Ocampo has four images in one, and which one you see first is said to reveal whether you are loyal, maybe stray, about to give up on love, or a free spirit ready for anything.

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Take a look:

“El Viejo Y El Rio” by Octavio Ocampo

So, which did you see first?

The old man?
The man on the horse?
The lady by the water?
How about the stone bridge with the water running?

Well, the folks at Your Tango broke down what each means… and, without further ado, if you saw:

The old man first, it is said to mean that you never lose sight of the larger picture, especially when it comes to love and dating.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. You know that there’s more to love than flowers and sonnets,” the site said. “Real love is about building a life together, and that’s what you are looking for when it comes to a long-term, fulfilling romantic relationship.”

On the other side of that coin is the man on the horse. And if he is the opposite of the wise, old man, then the outcome is equally as opposite: you may be tough to hold down, or even have that wandering eye.

I’m not saying that you are secretly a cheater, but you are a person whose heart and soul both thrive when you receive the attention of a courtly nature on a near-constant basis,” it reads. “You have a natural tendency to continue looking over your partner’s shoulder, just in case the real person of your dreams suddenly appears.”

The woman wrapped and resting by the water certainly give away her mental situation.

While the site says that you have not given up on love, it does say that you have been hurt before and are hesitant about wading back out there.

The website encourages those who saw that image to not let it push you too far down that rabbit hole, adding, “Every single person who ever tries to find a romantic partner will experience a certain amount of rejection and heartbreak over the course of their life, but this doesn’t mean that they — i.e., you — won’t find love when you’re meant to.”

So be patient!

As for that stone bridge and the water underneath (which I saw last) does not mean you are without a person, like the image would suggest, simply that you are ready to look for love and aren’t swayed that it has yet to arrive.

“You love the idea of falling in love. You may, perhaps, even have managed to do it a few times. But in the end, it feels like no one else’s heart craves a partner in exploration and adventure quite the way that you do,” YourTango added.

“Giving your heart to someone doesn’t mean you lose it. It means you get to experience twice as many more wonderful things than you ever dared dream could be possible!”

How’d we do? Hit that vote up if we nailed it! If we got it wrong, sound off in the comments.


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