It’s been a while since the “tiny house” trend picked up speed and homeowners have continued to push the boundaries of innovation as they build their little dream homes. Increasingly, we’ve noticed people going green–building their homes from reclaimed materials and using solar panels to power their tiny houses.

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While tiny houses are still huge, the new do-it-yourself trend is the so-called “van life.” As people buck their nine-to-five jobs in search of the great unknown, increasingly they’re renovating vans and trucks so that the vehicles are equipped for everyday life.

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Some of the vans are rather simple–little more than a mattress in the back–while others are much more complex. One woman turned her van into a complete home, she even has running water! She recorded her whole process on video and in a magnificent time-lapse video, you can watch the steps that she took to transform this ordinary vehicle into a home. Watch as she insulates her home and installs solar panels to take the strain off the batteries.

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