Sharon Stone Laughs At Haters Topless, Bikini Pic Flashing Her Midriff

Sharon Stone is still just as gorgeous and classy as ever at 64.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sharon Stone is still just as gorgeous and classy as ever at 64. The icon’s Instagram account is full of photos of herself wearing chic but demure couture. But every now and then—seriously, almost never—Stone shocks the world with her stunningly perfect body. One of these rare moments occurred on Monday, when Stone posted a topless photo of herself.

She has a blanket draped around her shoulders, elegantly and barely covering her nipples. She’s wearing green leopard print bikini bottoms and a simple stack of thin gold necklaces. Her body is perfectly toned from head to toe. And with her head cocked backwards, she’s laughing heartily at the world. It’s a sight, for sure.

“Gratefully Imperfect on a Perfect Day” reads the caption.

Stone swears by a combination of staying active and meditating for her health. She once told Vogue that she uses the Suzanne Somers ThighMaster and does “arm jazz.” For mental and spiritual health, she reads a variety of Buddhist texts, listens to chants, and rings her singing bowl. She also meditates on crystals and will do Kundalini yoga as taught by Russell Brand.

Stone once posted a photo of herself in a bikini to Instagram and was flooded with a mix of admiration and bullying. People called her old and others accused her of photoshop. But she took the criticism in stride.

“I’ve had people try to shame me for my work — but to what end?” she once told WebMD. “People will find anything to have a reason to make you feel ‘less than.’ They don’t want you to pop up above the water level. But everybody should feel special and wonderful.”

It’s true. There’s no point in trying to please everyone. People will always have opinions about things that have nothing to do with them.

Stone, who suffered a stroke almost two decades ago (she wrote about it in her memoir), also told WebMD that she takes care of her body by doing pilates, eating a gluten-free, caffeine-free diet and staying away from alcohol.

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