When you become a mom, suddenly your car becomes a pig sty. There are a few tricks that I’ve found help me keep some bit of sanity in my car with two small children.


  • It’s easier to mop up a mess right after it happens, even if you’re tempted to leave it and let it fossilize
  • When you go to the car wash, bring your own cleaning supplies

2. Everything has a place

  • Back seat organizer: aka a lifesaver
  • Use a console cup to keep clean
  • Homemade air freshener (This is a genius tip)

3. Organize your papers: Use a glove compartment file to organize all your service records and important papers

4. Purse hook: If you hit the brakes, you don’t want your bag flying!

5. Trash can: I like to use a shower caddy, but you really just need something to hold garbage

6. Wing it: Whatever you’re able to try, just do the best you can … the car needs to be practical, not perfect!

Elissa Benzie About the author:
Elissa is a millennial wife and mom with two toddlers. She's neurotic and disorganized, she's over it and exhausted. But it's OK, that's life! Follow her on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest or Instagram
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