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Can you believe these are made from cardboard boxes?

It’s amazing how much the cost of storage bins can rack up, especially if you need a bunch. But cardboard boxes are so cheap, or even free, and they can be just as cute as the store-bought versions after a little DIY love.

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These bins look so expensive, and the best part is, you can customize them match your decor. Basically, all you have to do is cover the box with fabric and add the snazzy leather handles made from old belts.

Iron and Twine explains exactly how it’s done.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cardboard box
  • packing tape
  • rotary cutter and mat or scissors
  • fabric
  • spray adhesive
  • an old leather belt
  • binding post screws
  • flathead screwdriver
  • industrial hole punch or X-ACTO knife

Add an hour of your time and you’ll be on your way to a cuter, more organized space.

Jessie Taylor is a freelance writer and crafter who is currently traveling the U.S. in search of her ideal place to live and the perfect cup of coffee. Follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter.
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