Siblings — can’t live with them, can’t live without them

XIAOBATIAN, CHINA - FEBRUARY 7: Young sisters Yang Xinxin, 3, right, and Yang Yueyue,2, left, of the Long Horn Miao ethnic minority group stand near their farm after Tiaohua or Flower Festival as part of the Lunar New Year on February 7, 2017 in Xiaobatian village, Guizhou province, southern China. The Long Horn Miao are recognized for their declining practice of wrapping a blend of linen, wool, and the hair of their ancestors around animal horns or a wooden clip to make headdresses. Many young women say they now wear the headdresses only for special occasions and festivals, as the ornaments, which are attached by the horns to their real hair, have proved impractical for modern daily life in a fast changing world. China officially recognizes 56 different ethnic minorities, and statistics show over 7 million Chinese identifying themselves as Miao. But the small Long Horn Miao community counts only around 5000 people living in 12 villages, whose age-old traditions, language, and culture are fading. It is increasingly difficult in a modernizing China, as young people are drawn from remote rural villages to opportunities in bigger cities amongst wide-scale urbanization. Farming and labour remain the mainstays of life for the Long Horn Miao, leaving the area relatively poor in comparison with many parts of China. The government has invested significant amounts into local infrastructure and the tourism industry to try to bolster the local economy. (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

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Videos by Rare

“I wish I was an only child,” says anyone who grew up with siblings.

Yes, I’m sure there were (and maybe still are) times that you wanted to put your siblings up for adoption, but you have to admit, not all your childhood memories were horrible.  Your siblings may have made you want to pull your hair out, but you always knew they were on your side in the parents vs. children war.

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Here are 5 facts about growing up with siblings:

1. A study by the University of Ohio found that people with more siblings have stronger marriages.

2. Younger siblings tend to be more extroverted than older siblings in large families.

3. By the time children turn 11, they spend about 33 percent of their free time with siblings.

4. Siblings help you have better interpersonal skills.

5. Older siblings tend to have slightly higher IQs than their younger brothers and sisters.

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