These Small Tests Can Screen Your Drink for Date-Rape Drugs in 30 seconds

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At some point, every girl has been told by their mother to watch out for bad people. Some of us grew up not being able to spend the night at friends’ houses because our parents were overprotective. I feel like parents who had those rules made it clear that sometimes young women can be victims of people who may appear kind to us. I feel like it was SipChip’s mission to also bring awareness to that.

Women can be victims of violent crimes by men that seem very normal. Take Ted Bundy for example. Some might say he was handsome. Many would agree that he was charming. In some cases, it’s that charming man at the bar that’s plotting to hurt women. With SipChip, women are able to test their drinks for common date rape drugs (Flunitrazepam, Xanax, Valium, and Restoril) in seconds.

SipChip Drink Spiking Test for Date Rape Drug Detection



Simply add one drop of liquid from your drink onto the SipChip test window. In about 30 seconds, the SipChip liquid will detect results. Two lines means you’re in the clear. One line means your drink has been drugged. It also works on drinks that aren’t alcoholic beverages!

You can attach your SipChip to your key fob and smartphone so you’ll always have it on you. These are perfect for college students, but honestly for anyone. Sexual assault doesn’t discriminate. Men, if you feel like this could save your life one day, get one for peace of mind. Without a test, there’s usually no signs of drug tampering.

Once the roofie has been dissolved, spiked drinks will look normal. Undercover Colors says they’re the most advanced date-rape drug test on the market. You can buy three single-use tests for $14.99 or five for $27.99 on Amazon.

In a day and age where I already have pepper spray on my keychain, I might as well add a SipChip to it.

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