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Sam’s Club is known for selling in bulk. They even tend to go big or go home when it comes to water toys. They’re not selling a gigantic box full of Slip’n Slides, but they are selling the ‘My First Splash ‘n Slide.’ This huge inflatable water slide has everything kids need for fun in the sun.

This inflatable water slide is everything a kid could want. It has a climbing wall and a splash pool! Where was this when I was a kid? If I had this growing up, I wouldn’t have been back inside until the sun went down.

$199 may sound like a big investment for some, but have you checked out ticket prices for water parks? Yeah, you’ll do a lot of saving with the My First Splash ‘n Slide. Plus, with the coronavirus pandemic still active, it’s a good idea to bring summer fun to your backyard.

Connect the included air blower, and it will inflate in just two minutes. All you need is a garden hose to fill up the pool area with water.

I am the queen of getting overwhelmed and emotional when it comes to thinking about my childhood. Seriously, I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about all of my favorite outdoor play memories with my childhood neighbors who I still talk to today.

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Sam’s Club

We had the best of times, and it was mostly due to summer activities. An inflatable pool, sporting goods, and sprinkler were all we needed for a fun afternoon. (Okay, food too.) I can see this water slide being the summer toy kids look back on.


Honestly, your grandchildren will look at this 20 years from now and wish they were still small enough to go down that inflatable water slide!

I might have to convince one of my parents to get it. It is made from high-quality material, so maybe I’d be able to enjoy the water slide without busting it. (Kidding, but not kidding.)


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