Plant These Pencils Nubs and Grow Your Own Herb Garden

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What do you do with your pencils when they’re finished? Actually, when was the last time you used a pencil? An accountant I know loves a good Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 and claims they’re still the best in the pencil business. I have a love-hate relationship with pencils. I prefer mechanical pencils for less smear, but there isn’t a writing utensil around that is perfect from my left-handed perspective. Until I saw these Sprout plantable pencils. Yes, high-quality, non-toxic pencils that turn into your next herb garden when they become too small to hold. When it comes to recycling and sustainability, it doesn’t get better than that. When I found this on Amazon, I was amazed.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Sprout pencils are the eco-friendly option to your coloring book habit, turning your pencil stubs from nubby nightmares into blooming, delicious herbs and varieties. The wooden pencils come with seed capsules and in this pack of eight, you get two graphite pencils and six colored pencils. Sprout makes the only patented seed pencils in the world, and the seeds grow herbs like sunflower, daisy, carnation, forget me not, basil, thyme, sage, coriander, red flax, chia, and cherry tomato.

Sprout Pencil

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Bring new life to your office supplies and embrace a kitchen full of new herb varieties with this truly handmade DIY. Now that’s an American garden. After all, without wearing down those sustainable pencils, your seed packets would take longer to root from one end of the pencil!

That is also the catch: where the eraser would be, the seeds are. It’s not a dealbreaker, though and I appreciate that both flowering plants like sunflowers and herbs like basil are included. Herbs are tasty and all, but let’s be honest: even carnations are prettier to look at than thyme. Have you ever used these pencil Sprouts?

This is a special gift for the curious kid that loves science experiments, the apartment-gardener ready to grow the green thumb, or anyone who just really loves pencils. The company even offers personalized pencils, with many couples choosing Sprout pencils as wedding guest favors. Visit Sprout World to learn more about personalization.

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