Doorbell Video Captures Woman Giving Birth in Parking Lot Outside Clinic

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This video only proves to me how amazing and strong moms are. A pregnant Florida woman, who almost made it inside a birth center, literally gave birth steps away from the entrance after the baby said “nope, I’m coming now, mom.” Sure enough, the beautiful healthy baby made its grand entrance in the parking lot. Luckily, it was all captured by security footage.

Susan Anderson and her husband, Joseph, rushed to Natural Birthworks in Margate after the mother’s water broke. The couple was looking forward to a very peaceful and loving delivery inside the facility, especially with the whole coronavirus situation, but little baby Julia over here decided to jump the gun and had other plans. Through a Ring doorbell camera, you can see the mom crouched down in the parking lot while midwife Sandy Lobaina stands behind her.

Woman Gives Birth in Parking Lot Outside Clinic

The South Florida woman quickly screams as her husband is holding her up, trying to calm her down. That’s when two police officers, who happened to be in the area at that time, approached them. Lobaina quickly tells the officers, “She’s OK. I’m the midwife. She’s here to have the baby.” As soon as Susan lets out another scream, Lobaina acts quick and catches the baby, leaving the officers wide-eyed and in disbelief.

One of the officers asks the trio if she wants them to call an ambulance, but Lobaina says, “No, no, she’s here to have the baby, she just didn’t make it inside.” Moments later, the owner of the birthing center, Gelena Hinkley, comes running into the frame in a panic. Lobaina tells her that the mom actually had the baby already, holding in some laugher, as Hinkley replied, ‘”Un-freaking-believable.” Because well, she truly missed the whole party here. Hey, at least everyone was laughing, sounds like it was a hell of a time.

Un-Freaking Believable!

Although Hinkley did miss all of the action, she had a good sense of humor about it, saying “It was the best handoff ever.” Luckily the mom and baby are doing just fine and were ecstatic to share the Ring video to bring people joy. Because well, this is one tough momma! You try having a baby in the parking lot with no medicine and no one but your husband and midwife out in the open. That baby is going to have one heck of a story to share with her classmates, that’s for sure. Congrats to the new parents!

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