Teacher Spots 7-Year-Old Riding His Bike on The Highway To Help Save Unconscious Dad WBTW

They say that in times of crisis, teachers are the hidden heroes we need in our lives. This South Carolina teacher is the perfect example of that, after spotting one of her ex-students riding his bicycle on a busy highway. After a full day of school, 7-year-old Cameron Simoncic, who goes to Ellen Woodside Elementary, headed home to his father’s house.

When Cameron got inside, the boy saw his father unconscious in the kitchen and in need of immediate medical attention. The father has diabetes and whenever he gets episodes, according to Cameron, “his brain can’t function” and passes out.

Scared for his father’s life, the 7-year-old tried to unlock his dad’s cell phone to call for help but didn’t know the passcode. He also attempted to go to the neighbor’s house to ask for help, but no one was home at the time. Cameron said his only option was to get back on his bike and ride to his grandmother’s house for help. Which is when the boy set off on a 5-mile bike ride, crossing over 4 lanes of traffic on the highway, all while dodging cars.

Luckily, Cameron’s first-grade teacher was driving the same direction. Keller Sutherland explained that when she saw the boy riding on the side, her immediate reaction was to turn around and see what was going on. When she pulled over she was shocked to see that it was Cameron, who she had in class last year in first grade. Cameron told Keller about his father, and with the help of two men who also pulled over, called 911.

After medical responders went to Cameron’s home, his father was able to get the injection he needed and ate some crackers Sutherland bought earlier at school to help normalize his sugar levels. Praising the boy for his heroic actions, Keller said helping students succeed didn’t just happen inside a classroom, but outside school as well. I guess it just goes to show you that sometimes not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes all it takes is trusting a gut feeling.


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