The Big Wheel Is Still as Iconic As It Was 50 Years Ago

Before you could start racing on a bicycle without training wheels, you developed your need for speed on the Big Wheel. Every 60s and 70s kid had this tricycle. I know Gen Z kids think their electric ride-ons are the coolest thing ever, but many decades ago, this trike made you feel like you were on a Harley-Davidson.

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The Original Big Wheel by Marx could spin and break. Why wouldn’t kids want the classic tricycle? It was the perfect kid’s tricycle for racing kids around the neighborhood. Plus, the look was iconic. The big front wheel made the riding toy look like a tough bike for little kids and older kids.

Big Wheels for Kids

The Original Big Wheel 16 Tricycle Big Wheel for Kids 3-8 Boys Girls Trike – Original 1969 Clicker Sound – Made in USA

The Original Big Wheel 16 Tricycle Big Wheel for Kids 3-8 Boys Girls Trike - Original 1969 Clicker Sound - Made in USA


  • Great for 3 to 8-year olds
  • ​70lb weight capacity
  • Extra-wide back wheels

You can find the Big Wheel on Amazon today. It’s the number one new release for ride-on toys, plus it’s Amazon Prime eligible. If your little one needs some at-home entertainment, then consider taking a trip down memory lane and buying the Big Wheel Bike for your kid.

This model includes the original 1969 sound. Whew! You’re going to have flashbacks to your childhood every time you hear it. Big Wheel even kept the original colors. This is going to be the perfect gift for kids ages 3-8. The Big Wheel has a 16-inch front wheel, two rear wheels, an adjustable seat, handlebars, tow pedals, and a sticker sheet. Putting together this bike will be a breeze.

The Original Big Wheel Racer

Big Wheel


Your little one might see this version of the Big Wheel and prefer this one. We’ve got your buying guide covered, so don’t panic. Consider this model if your kid simply wants an “updated” look. It is about $15 more than the original Big Wheel, but I can see the appeal since it does look like a little motorcycle, thanks to the decals and tire design.

Forget electric scooters, this Big Wheel ought to be a rite of passage. The Big Wheel will be one of your kid’s favorite toys this summer, and pedaling is a perfect way to develop your kid’s motor skills. Keep in mind that since you can pull the seat back, your kid will be able to enjoy the Big Wheel for years!

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