Characterized by the rise of disco, the 1970s was a funky era filled with bell bottoms, Atari and the feminist movement. People were totally digging wholesome television shows like “Happy Days” and boogieing to the Bee Gees. If you find yourself longing for this “far out” decade, help keep the nostalgia alive by giving your child a name from the era.

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Analysts at MooseRoots, a genealogy data site by Graphiq, used data from the Social Security Administration to find the most popular baby names from the 1970s from A to Z. The raddest name of each letter was determined by finding the boys’ and girls’ name with the highest average frequency per million over the entire decade (1970-1979).

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Names on the list like Brian and Christina offer a subtle nod to the decade, but others — like Larry and Wendy — make a bolder statement. Take a look at these 26 groovy names from the 1970s to find one for your little boy or girl.

  • A: Amy and Anthony
  • B: Brenda and Brian
  • C: Christina and Christopher
  • D: Dawn and David
  • E: Elizabeth and Eric
  • F: Felicia and Frank
  • G: Gina and Gregory
  • H: Heather and Henry
  • I: Irene and Ian
  • J: Jennifer and Jason
  • K: Kimberly and Kevin
  • L: Lisa and Larry
  • M: Melissa and Michael
  • N: Nicole and Nathan
  • O: Olivia and Oscar
  • P: Patricia and Paul
  • Q: Qiana and Quincy
  • R: Rebecca and Robert
  • S: Stephanie and Scott
  • T: Tammy and Thomas
  • U: Ursula and Ulysses
  • V: Veronica and Vincent
  • W: Wendy and William
  • X: Xochitl and Xavier
  • Y: Yolanda and Yancy
  • Z: Zoe and Zachary
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