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We’ve been sucked into more “House Hunters” and “House Hunters International” marathons than we’d care to admit. So it was devastating for us to learn the show is heavily staged; participants have already closed on one of the homes they tour and just pretend to consider the other two.

But in case you haven’t been hurt enough by that revelation, here are a few more ugly “House Hunters” secrets from PureWow.

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Some of the houses they tour aren’t even for sale.


It’s true. Often, “House Hunters” participants tour friends’ homes in addition to the one they’ve already chosen. (We agree with PureWow: “Kinda rude to dis your BFF’s laminate.”)

And that means the house prices are often made up.

Everything we know is a lie.

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Episodes take several months to film.

In other words, participants don’t tour all those houses in a single day, as the show makes it seem.

And on a similar note, every scene has multiple takes. Just how many times can someone “ooh” and “aah” over an open floor plan?

But there’s one honest element to the show.

All the featured real estate agents are legit. Well, that’s a relief.

(H/T: PureWow)

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