Their love story hatched in a truly unique way

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Videos by Rare

Many high school kids these days focus on how many views their Snapchats can get, or where they can purchase the best contouring kit.

Times sure have changed. When Carly and Tony Compton were in high school, they were very focused, but not on what you may think.

Carly and Tony’s love first hatched when they went head-to-head at the Kentucky State Fair chicken competition. Yes, you read that correctly.


The young competitors spent weeks poring over huge packets of information on chicken trivia. From how much protein is in certain eggs to the very specific anatomy of chickens, these teenagers studied it all and were ready to win!

Tony was focused on the competition — until they made it to nationals.

“I was absolutely smitten with Carly from the very beginning. I tried to get her attention from the beginning, and I guess it worked. At nationals, we hung out the entire time. I was so glad that we had made it that far in the competition; I was excited to get to know her.”

The national chicken competition came and went, but Carly and Tony’s love story was just getting started. Unfortunately, it would be a couple years before they were on the same page.


Carly explained that she was a free spirit and didn’t want to be tied down to anything or anyone.

“I was friends with Tony in high school. We even went to my junior prom together, but just as friends. We didn’t really talk my senior year. Then, we both went to college. I went to New York, and Tony went to college in Kentucky. Our story didn’t really start until I came back to Kentucky for grad school. When I came back to Kentucky, I knew I wanted a second shot with Tony.”

Carly did her best to get Tony’s attention, but he was oblivious to her consistent flirting. Then, at a friend’s birthday party in Lexington, these two finally got on the same page.

Tony explained that Poonam, one of his good friends, sat the couple down across from one another and blurted out the obvious.

“Poonam looked at both of us. She looked at me first, then at Carly. Then, she just blurted out that I had a crush on Carly. It sounded ridiculous when she said it out loud. I did have a crush on Carly, that was true, but it sounded like such a high school conversation. But hey, I’m so glad Poonam stated the obvious. After that was finally put out into the universe, we started dating immediately after and haven’t stopped since.”

This couple is happily married with a beautiful little girl. Their love story is as unique as the way they met. Tony laughs when he reminisces about how he and Carly met, but says he wouldn’t change a thing about their relationship.

“The foundation of our relationship started off a little odd, but I love what we have. Carly is the funniest person I know, and I love that she’s my person, my best friend. We work so well because we accept each other for exactly who we are. We’re just a couple of chicken nerds, and I wouldn’t ever want to change that.”

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