There is a Presale for Oreo’s New Flavor…Seriously!


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Are you ready for the most-stuffed Oreo cookie in history?

No? Well, you had better get ready. Because it’s arrived.

And it is safe to say the new Oreos are full of themselves. No, really. These Oreos are stuffed with … Oreos. In fact, they are being called “the most Oreo Oreo” by Oreo itself.

That’s a lot of cookie crumbling. But it’s true, as these new Oreos will feature the same chocolate wafers and the same cream center, with bits of the chocolate wafers sprinkled throughout.


Oreo even gives you a peek inside how this amazing stuff is stuffed, and let you customize your own cookies on its website.

This, folks, is what’s known as a little slice of heaven.

Now, here’s the kicker: It’s true that the new Oreos don’t hit stores until January 30. But fear not — Oreo is actually selling them in advance of that date. Again, just hit their website. You can even win some of the most Oreo Oreos by entering “Oreo code” every Monday at midnight.

“Our most playful cookie ever twisted open the most playful world ever! Dunk stuf, twist stuf, play stuf, and enter for a chance to win stuf & more!,” they stated.

So, are you ready? This is no joke. Twist. Lick. Dunk. Oreos are bigger and badder than ever, it seems.

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