These are the most popular baby names of the 2000s from A to Z

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The turn of the millennium was characterized by flip phones, AIM chats, trucker hats and jeans with rhinestone pockets. If thinking back to the 2000s gives you a wave of nostalgia, consider the popular baby names that topped the charts during these years — names that might have been inspired by iconic figures of the decade.

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MooseRoots, a genealogy site by Graphiq, found the most popular baby names from the 2000s for each letter of the alphabet for boys and girls. To determine the top name for each letter, analysts found the name with the highest average frequency per million of births from 2000 to 2009.

All names listed are No. 1 for their respective letters, but some were notably more popular than others. For example, there were far more instances of parents naming their children Emily or Christopher than Uriel or Yesenia.

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The list of most popular 2000s names features a little bit of everything. From traditional options (i.e. Daniel and Madison) to those more unique in nature (Queen or, well, Unique) are included, so you’re sure to find something that feels right.

  • A: Andrew and Abigail
  • B: Brandon and Brianna
  • C: Christopher and Chloe
  • D: Daniel and Destiny
  • E: Ethan and Emily
  • F: Francisco and Faith
  • G: Gavin and Grace
  • H: Hunter and Hannah
  • I: Isaiah and Isabella
  • J: Jacob and Jessica
  • K: Kevin and Kayla
  • L: Luke and Lauren
  • M: Michael and Madison
  • N: Nicholas and Natalie
  • O: Owen and Olivia
  • P: Patrick and Paige
  • Q: Quentin and Queen
  • R: Robert and Rachel
  • S: Samuel and Samantha
  • T: Thomas and Taylor
  • U: Uriel and Unique
  • V: Victor and Victoria
  • W: William and Wendy
  • X: Xavier and Ximena
  • Y: Yahir and Yesenia
  • Z: Zachary and Zoe

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