The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, children are playing in the sprinkler outside — and you are slowly dying inside due to a pollen overload.

Don’t let pollen ruin your spring! Here are a few tips that may help you survive this year’s pollen infestation.

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  1. Know your allergen triggers. If you know what specifically makes your body go into panic mode, you have a better chance of avoiding your triggers.
  2. If you can stay inside, do it. We know that most people can’t stay inside all day, and we get that. Limit your time outside when the pollen counts are high; there is no need to put yourself in harm’s way.
  3. If you have to go outside, which you probably do, do so later in the day. As the day goes by, pollen tends to die down.
  4. Don’t let pollen in your home! If you’re outside when pollen counts are high, change your clothes as soon as you get home. Don’t chance it!
  5. When you’re driving, keep the windows rolled up.
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