Have you every wondered what happens to your food once you eat it? Anson Wong, a 4-year-old genius, taught us a thing or two about our very complex digestive system.

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Here’s what we learned today:

  • The digestive process starts with ingestion, when you eat food.
  • Food travels down the esophagus to the stomach.
  • When food gets to your stomach, it undergoes breakdown, as enzymes begin to reduce your food into a soupy substance.
  • Meanwhile, your liver fills with bile, which is then stored in the gallbladder.
  • The soupy substance then makes its way to the small intestine after the bile is released.
  • The small intestine absorbs nutrients from the food.
  • The food passes through the cecum to the large intestine, where water is absorbed.
  • The soupy substance is then turned into feces, which are excreted out of the body.

Anson’s Answers features a 4-year-old genius. He has a college-level grasp on various areas of science, dreams of becoming the president and can speak multiple languages. Did you catch that he’s just 4 years old? Anson has a passion for teaching others and loves to share videos explaining the human body, the laws of physics and his ideas for the future. Grab a seat, because Professor Anson’s class is in session!

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