This advanced mathematical formula determines exactly why so many socks go missing The Daily Mirror
(The Daily Mirror)

The average person loses 1.3 socks per month, leaving their counterparts partnerless. It begs the question — where do all those missing socks go?

A pair of British scientists has found the answer. According to their research, which was published in the Daily Mirror, the chance of your socks staying in your dresser drawers can be determined through this mathematical formula:

(L(p x f)+C(t x s))-(P x A)

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Is your head spinning? Here’s a breakdown of what all those letters mean:

L = laundry size
p = number of people living in a home
f = frequency of washes in a week
C = washing complexity
t = how many types of laundry households do in a week
s = number of socks washed in a week
P = “positivity towards doing laundry,” measured 1 to 5
A = degree of attention (how many times you check pockets, unroll sleeves, etc.)

(The Daily Mirror)
(The Daily Mirror)

According to the research, lost socks cost the average Brit more than £2,500 over a lifetime — so use the formula to increase your chance of keeping all your socks partnered up.

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(H/T: The Daily Mirror)

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