Watch how this simple truck was transformed into a castle straight out of a fairy tale

If you are like many people, you are totally intrigued by the tiny house craze.  You try to imagine how small you could go.  How much stuff are you willing to get rid of? Can you find a smaller husband or pet to save space?

This New Zealand family created something truly unique when they bought a nondescript truck and transformed it into a fold-out castle. When it is completely folded up, it looks fairly ordinary and it’s pretty compact. It doesn’t need one of those “oversize load” signs. The walls fold in, the roof retracts and the sides of the walls fold in. The turrets, which house the bathrooms and washing machine, actually rotate inward.

This place is totally off the grid, powered mostly by solar panels. Rainwater is captured and stored in tanks below the truck.

Unlike many tiny homes it has full-sized appliances in the kitchen and lots of built in storage space. The rooftop balcony is home to a rooftop bathtub. Try to top that!

The house includes many personal and creative details, including handmade wallpaper.

The only thing they don’t have is a moat. I wonder how many miles to the gallon this thing gets?

Watch this remarkable creation unfold before your very eyes. The video is more than ten minutes long,  waaaayyy longer than most viral videos,  and yet people watch it frequently.  People who like this sort of thing must have above-average attention spans. Tiny house freaks have huge attention spans!

(H/T SF Globe)

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