This just might be the easiest IKEA hack of all time YouTube screenshot

IKEA hacks are a great way to add some style to your space because they are unique and cheap. But are they really easy? Sometimes the frustration and long hours spent painting and sanding aren’t worth saving a few bucks.

You’ll have none of those problems with this hack, though. It really might be the easiest IKEA hack out there. And look how cute it is!

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It only has four steps and they are all super simple:

  1. Spray paint the legs
  2. Slide the top of the stool inside the pillow cover
  3. Cut small holes in the pillow cover for the screws
  4. Attach legs to stool top

Making this will really do a lot to spruce up your space. The interesting texture makes it a statement piece, while the small size and functionality make it easy to incorporate into a variety of spaces. Win-win!

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Watch to see just how easy it is to make.

Jessie Taylor is a freelance writer and crafter who is currently traveling the U.S. in search of her ideal place to live and the perfect cup of coffee. Follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter.
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