This kid’s mind was blown when an egg was sucked into a bottle

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

For 5-year-old Anson Wong, science is way better than magic.

Anson and his producer, Jessica, recently showed us how to get a hard boiled egg into a narrow-necked bottle without breaking it — or that was the idea anyway.

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This fun, kid-friendly experiment demonstrates air pressure.

Here’s what you’ll need for this experiment:

  1. An empty soda bottle (Anson used an Erlenmeyer flask in his demonstration)
  2. A hardboiled egg
  3. Matches

Anson and Jessica ran into a few issues in their experiment. They were using extra large hard-boiled eggs, hence why they switched to the Erlenmeyer flask. Make sure you have a bottle with a slightly wider opening if you are using extra large eggs.

Here’s what you’ll need to do for this experiment:

  1. Light a match and drop it inside the bottle
  2. Place an egg over the opening of the bottle and watch what happens.

With any luck, the egg will be pulled inside of the bottle.

So how did that happen?

At the start of the experiment, the air pressure outside of the bottle was equal to the air pressure inside the bottle. When you light the match and drop it inside the bottle, it heats up the air inside the bottle, causing the air to expand.

Eventually, the match goes out and the air inside the bottle begins to cool. As the air cools, the pressure drops and becomes lower than the air pressure outside the bottle.

The high air pressure outside the bottle pushes down on the egg, causing it to get pushed into the bottle.

Check out Anson’s demonstration below, and try it at home yourself!

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