This mom goes undercover to tell the truth about those obnoxious school fundraisers

A lot of moms aren’t comfortable talking about their real grievances on camera. But I found an “undercover mom” who is willing to talk about back to school B.S.

So now, I present to you — the uncensored truth about school fundraisers.

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On volunteering

Volunteering at a school auction can be ridiculously demanding. And then guess what ends up happening? You don’t see your kids as often, and then you’re stressed out when you do see them.

It’s like, “I’m sorry, I’ve got to go call 10 people to try to get them to donate stuff for this school auction, and you’re not going to be at the auction, by the way, little kid — and get your own dinner.” It’s terrible!

So I made a rule. Now, I don’t volunteer for anything unless my kids can actually see me volunteering.

On fundraising

They do these school fundraisers where your kids are supposed to sell stuff to neighbors and whoever to raise money for the school. And it’s a bunch of overpriced shit that nobody wants. Nobody wants that stuff! Nobody!

I have to annoy my neighbors by going door to door, because I can’t send my little kid door to door, because it’s not safe anymore, unless you’re a free range parent, which I’m not. You have to go with your child.

So guess what I have become? A door to door salesperson — that’s what I’ve become. And then my neighbors remember and either will just hit me up for their kid or are annoyed, or sometimes they’ll say no, and then it’s really uncomfortable.

Or I have to bring the stuff to work and annoy my coworkers by asking them to pay $50 for a roll of wrapping paper that they don’t really need.

The only exception to this rule is Girl Scout Cookies, because people do want Girl Scout Cookies, and they’re actually happy when you come around selling them.

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