This one tip will take all the confusion out of picking a color scheme for your home

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s amazing how changing the color of your walls can give the whole room a totally different feel. But if you’re not a professional designer, choosing colors can get frustrating. It can be shocking how different colors look when they’re on the wall in your home versus how the looked on the swatch card, not to mention how you saw them looking in your mind.

So, here’s one easy tip from Better Homes and Gardens that will clear the whole thing up and have your colors looking perfect in no time: choose a palate from nature. Colors that are found together in the wild will look great together in your living room.

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You’ll need to pick three main colors. The majority of your room should be in one color — that’s your dominant color. Your secondary color should be one that complements your dominant color. To find a complement, take a look at a color wheel and choose something directly across from your main color.

Choosing your accent color is where it gets really fun. For this one, you can use something that pops, but stick to the colors in your chosen nature scene.

Just like that, all your decor will start to come together.

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