Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer Survivor, Tracy Edwards Now?

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Netlfix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story opens with a horrific scenario. After scouring the local club, Jeffrey Dahmer brings home a young man, Tracy Edwards… then attempts to trap him and eat his heart out. The entire first episode chronicles Edwards’ physical efforts to escape the cannibal’s claustrophobic apartment — which stinks of rotting meat.

It’s a disturbing introduction to a series which has quickly smashed streaming records. Within two weeks, Monster has racked up 300 million hours watched. Clearly, viewers are hooked. And they are wondering what happened to Edwards, who did successfully manage to flee Dahmer’s murder den.

But he didn’t get his happy ending.

Catching Jeffrey Dahmer

Tracy Edwards was 32 years old when he was picked up at a Milwaukee bar by Jeffrey Dahmer. The year was 1991. Dahmer approached Edward and his friends, offering them money to pose for photographs in his home. Only Edwards agreen, and he was taken back to Dahmer’s creepy apartment. He immediately sensed that nothing was right. The place smelled rotten and, quickly, Dahmer quickly revealed his violent, weilding weapons.

Unbeknownst to the Milwaukee community, Dahmer had been terrorizing, killing — and eating — members of the local gay community. And Edwards nearly became his 18th victim. But after struggling against the murderer, Edwards managed to escape and contact authorities.

Edwards’ account would go on to form the basis of what we know Dahmer and his serial killing ways.

In Monster, Edwards and Dahmer are played by Shaun Brown and Evan Peters, respectively. As they accurately depict on-screen, first, Dahmer handcuffed one of Edwards’ wrists and ordered him to pose for nude pictures while playing a tape of The Exorcist III. Dahmer eventually held a knife to Edwards and told him his plans to eat Edwards’ heart.

He pleaded with Dahmer, distracting him, before eventually punching him in the face and making a break for the front door. Altogether, the escape took five hours.

Edwards returned later that night with two police officers, who obviously noticed the terrifying, smelly state of Dahmer’s home. Investigators would recover two entire skeletons, severed hands, two severed penises, a preserved scalp, and three dismembered torsos dissolving in a 57-gallon drum full of acide. There were also 74 Polaroid pictures detailing the gruesome processes.  

Tracy Edwards

Actor Shaun Brown side-by-side with a mugshot of the real Tracy Edwards, via LAD BIBLE

Prior to meeting Jeffrey Dahmer in Milwaukee, Tracy Edwards was indicted for the sexual battery of a 14-year-old girl in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was extradited back to the state once coverage of the Dahmer trial thrust Edwards into the public eye. Edwards testified in the court case, Wisconsin vs. Dahmer, in 1991 which saw Dahmer convicted in the murders of 15 men.

Edwards actually went on to testify against Dahmer in court in 1992 during the Wisconsin vs. Dahmer court case, and he played a role in the legal proceedings that eventually saw Dahmer convicted in the murder of 15 men that same year.

Later, after returning to Wisconsin, Edwards lived in shelters and was arrested more times on different charges, including drug possession, theft, property damage, failure to pay child support, and bail jumping, according to the New York Post. In 2011, he pleaded guilty to aiding in the murder of a man who was thrown to death off a Milwaukee bridge.

Edwards was sentenced to 1.5 years in jail and two years of extended supervision the following year. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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  1. He met Edwards at The grand Avenue Mall. Not at a bar. Also quit inferring that he ate all his victims. It was a very small part of this whole tragedy.

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