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It’s almost recreational vehicle (RV) season again, and whether you are thinking about renting one for a season or outfitting your land yacht for a new trip, here are some things you should have with you.

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1. Roadside assistance

No one likes dealing with a breakdown, but it’s a lot easier if you are a member of a roadside assistance program. The most well-known is the American Automobile Association (AAA), but there are plenty of others. Try asking your home insurance company if they offer roadside assistance – they may offer it at a fraction of the cost.

2. Portable folding propane grill

Part of the joy of RVing is having a good grill for cookouts at beautiful spots. Don’t skimp here – you’ll probably end up using it a lot. Consumer Reports is a good place to start looking at reviews of grills.

3. Folding tables

You can find a basic folding table in most stores – but you won’t find them in most campsites. They’re a great addition to your packing plans for meals, games and hobbies. The benefit of a folding table is they take up a small amount of space and are generally water-resistant.

4. Brass Y valve

It is a basic plumbing necessity that will make your life easier. Most water connections at campgrounds are only one spigot, so doubling the functionality can help make things easier to wash your hands and your dishes and fill any containers you’ve got.

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5. Internet connectivity

Keeping the comforts of home with you while you travel can be tricky. If you like to stream TV shows and movies (and sometimes have to look up directions), you should get a portable hotspot. Consider getting one through a different carrier than your cellphones in order to maximize coverage.

6. A vacuum

You’re enjoying the great outdoors – which means you’re bringing the great outdoors back into your RV with you. Staying at campsites means mud, grass and insects – all of which can dirty up your home-on-wheels quickly. A small, cordless powerful vacuum, such as the Dyson Digital Slim, is a must-have.

7. Photo storage

You’re going to be traveling the country, seeing all kinds of beautiful things, and more than likely taking hundreds of photographs. Before long, though, memory cards will fill up. Look at cloud services such as Flickr or Picasa as free, easy places to put your photos online using your phone or a laptop and share them with friends and family.

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8. Folding steps

Folding steps are one of those useful tools you might not think about, but they’re handy to have around. As extra seating, an added step to get into your RV, and standing on to reach things when making repairs or finding the back of a high cupboard, it’s a useful tool.

9. High-quality sewer hose

Some things you definitely don’t want to skimp on, and your sewer hose is one of them. No one wants to be dealing with a ruptured sewer hose while on vacation. Invest in a high-end hose – your peace of mind and nasal passages will thank you.

10. Portable dehumidifier

A space as confined as an RV can have temperature and humidity changes quickly – when someone is in the shower, for instance. High humidity in an enclosed space is not pleasant, but a mini portable dehumidifier can make things much more pleasant.

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