4 tips for making it easier to get through TSA security lines

Going through security is arguably one of the worst parts about flying. Thankfully, there are several ways to expedite the wait and get to your gate a lot faster.

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1. Research: Before leaving your house, do a quick check of the items in your carry-on luggage to make sure everything — especially liquids — is TSA-friendly.

2. Pick your poison: Think before you hop into a security line. One may be shorter than the rest, but if it contains a family with babies or young children, it’ll probably move a lot slower than the one made up mostly of business people.

The 2009 movie Up in the Air summed this up:

3. Dress the part: Wearing socks and slip-on shoes will make the shoe removal part of going through security a breeze. And be sure to take off your jacket and belt while waiting in line, to make everything move faster when you reach the conveyor belt.

4. PreCheck: If you fly often, it may be worth your while to invest in TSA PreCheck. For $85, you’re enrolled in the program for five years. It includes your own separate security line with faster screening, and you don’t need to remove your shoes or take liquids out of your carry-on. TSA PreCheck is currently available at more than 150 airports.

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