5 reasons why Minor League Baseball should be in your summer travel plans The Chattanooga Lookouts (Todd DeFeo)
The Chattanooga Lookouts (Todd DeFeo)

Baseball season is here — the first real sign of spring. For anyone who has the travel bug, baseball — particularly Minor League Baseball — makes for the perfect escape.

It should come as no surprise that Minor League Baseball has been as popular as ever the last few years. These games offer the chance to see the stars of tomorrow before they’re famous — such as an up-and-coming outfielder named Tim Tebow with the Class A Columbia Fireflies.

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Need a few more reasons? Try these.

Minor League ballparks offer Major League food

There may be nothing better than enjoying a hot dog and a beer at a baseball game. It’s true at both the Major League and Minor League levels.

But, don’t forget to check out the other culinary options, such as the funnel cake fries at a Columbus Clippers game in Columbus, Ohio.

Smaller stadiums offer great views

Minor League stadiums offer something their Major League counterparts do not: an intimate setting.

Stadiums often have capacities of less than 10,000, meaning there is not a bad seat in the house. Plus, there are often great tickets available for purchase even at the last minute.

Richmond County Bank stadium, home of the Staten Island Yankees. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

Great promotions

Minor League teams often offer promotions you’re not likely to see at Major League ballparks.

That’s certainly the case in Chattanooga, Tenn., where the Lookouts host an annual Used Car Night. The team parades used cars around the field between innings, then gives the cars away by pulling a winner’s name from a hat.

Affordable tickets

Taking the family out to the ballgame is an expensive proposition, particularly in markets like New York. But, a family of four can usually see a Minor League baseball game for less than $70.


That leaves a few dollars leftover for the requisite souvenir. Try the foam finger. It’s a classic.


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Easy access in cities worth exploring

Taking a trip to watch some Minor League Baseball makes for an excuse to visit a new destination. Minor League stadiums are located in both larger cities such as Louisville, Ky., and smaller towns like Asheville, N.C.

Coupling a ballpark excursion with a visit to a local museum or some other attraction in town makes for the perfect escape.

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