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If you have a long layover or your flight is delayed several hours, you may be tempted to entertain yourself by spending a little money in the airport terminal.

But there are certain things you should never buy at the airport; here are seven from AOL Finance. With a bit of planning, you can easily avoid overspending, no matter how bored you become while waiting to get back in the air.

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1. Wi-Fi

Sometimes, it’s free at the airport. But if you’re prompted to pay, and you absolutely need to access the internet, there’s a loophole.

Do this instead: Find a Starbucks or other coffee shop, where Wi-Fi is often free.

2. Souvenirs

Airports typically jack up the prices of knickknacks and T-shirts.

Do this instead: If possible, get all your shopping done before heading off to catch your flight.

3. Bottled water

It’s insanely expensive in the airport! (And you really shouldn’t be buying bottled water anyway.)

Do this instead: Bring a reusable water bottle with you, and fill it once you get to the terminal.

4. Neck pillow

This is another item that’s nearly double the price in airport stores.

Do this instead: Buy one online before your trip.

5. Snacks

Again — so expensive!

Do this instead: Buy snacks in bulk (hello, Costco!) before your trip, then bring a few to the airport with you.

6. Books

Airport newsstands and bookstores are guilty of selling books for 40 to 50 percent more than other places.

Do this instead: Stock up on books ahead of time; if you have a Kindle, make sure it contains enough new material to keep you entertained.

7. Foreign currency

If you’re heading out of the country, try not to exchange money at the airport, where transaction fees can be outrageously high.

Do this instead: Take out money at an ATM when you reach your destination.

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