A flight attendant shares exactly what she never flies without, and it’s not what you would expect

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It really is the little things that make you feel not so out of place when you’re out of town. No one knows that better than a flight attendant.

YouTuber and flight attendant Fly with Stella shows us the essentials she never travels without.

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Her list goes beyond the basics. It’s full of the stuff you will need, but might not think to bring.

Here’s what she recommends you never travel without:

  • hand balm
  • cuticle cream
  • nail file with a case, so it won’t scratch other items
  • individually packaged nail polish remover pads
  • empty water bottle, so you can refill it instead of buying expensive bottled water
  • tea bags because you can get hot water for free, which makes for a cheap drink
  • perfume, which will help you not feel gross when you get off of a flight
  • snacks, including instant oatmeal
  • Kindle
  • noise canceling headphones
  • convertible scarf/blanket combo
  • small crossbody for essentials that can double as a wallet inside another purse
  • favorite lipstick, which will help you look well put together without a lot of makeup

With this list, you’ll feel just as comfortable as you do at home.

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