Behold the jaw-dropping splendor of the world’s only 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab
(Burj Al Arab)

Imagine spending a night at the finest hotel in the world.

While we’ll likely never be able to afford it, we can still enjoy taking this peek inside. Hey, we’re allowed to dream, right?

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The Burj Al Arab is located on its own island in — where else? — Dubai. According to its website, its gorgeous sail-shaped building boasts 202 luxury suites, and the property features nine restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, five pools (including one just for female guests) and a private beach.

(Burj Al Arab)
(Burj Al Arab)

Guests who are not flown in by helicopter are driven to the hotel in a chauffeured Rolls Royce. And that’s just the beginning of the opulence.

Room sizes range from 1,830 square feet (which will set you back no less than $2,700 per night) to the Royal Suite, which measures 8,400 square feet and can be rented for a staggering $19,000 a night.

But the amenities may be worth the hefty price tag — revolving beds covered by Egyptian cotton sheets, your choice from 17 types of pillows, enormous Jacuzzis in the bathrooms, and sets of 14 full-size Hermès toiletries, including perfume (for her) and eau de cologne (for him). The iPads offered to guests are plated in gold. And don’t forget the private butler service on every floor.

Travel writer Juyoung Seo chronicled her visit to Burj Al Arab for Forbes. It’s worth the read, if only for the breathtaking pictures of the property.

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