Man Comes Up With Genius Hack To Avoid Baggage Fees


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Videos by Rare

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and that’s exactly what Lee Cimino found out. The 30-year-old, who is from the UK, is a frequent flyer with Ryanair and has been loyal to the airline since he can remember. Cimino booked his flight to Belfast two days before the airline decided to make changes to their baggage fees, so he wanted to come up with an idea to avoid paying for the carry-on.

Until recently, any passenger flying Ryanair could bring a bag on board free of charge if it didn’t exceed a certain size and weight. With the newly updated cabin bag policy, one must now pay between £6 and £8 ($7.88 and $10.51) for each bag depending on the size. That means passengers can only bring one small personal bag on board that fits under the seat in front of you. So, like any other human who wishes to save money, Cimino decided to trick the system and avoid all fees possible. How? By grabbing an oversized old coat and sewing all of his clothes inside. Genius, pure genius!

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Cimino captured the whole process in a Facebook video, showing exactly how he managed to pull off his plan. He found a tailor who helped him create pockets using some of his old clothes and sewing them inside the sleeves. I have to admit I am pretty impressed with this whole situation because he actually managed to fit everything inside! The coat included everything from a change of clothes, his shoes, a toothbrush, and toiletries.

Safe to say he looked ridiculous with the coat on due to it being 3 times bigger than it should, but hey, it worked. He kind of reminded me of Joey from Friends when he decides to put on all of Chandler’s clothes to get back at him.

But, although he was pretty smart and didn’t have to pay for that extra fee, there is a small problem here. He did have to go to the trouble to pay someone to sew everything on the coat. So…you see my point here? It might have been easier to just use a carry-on bag and pay the fee, bud.

But hey, whatever makes you happy, right? Time to go buy a bulky coat!

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