Haunted Salem Home Available on AirBnB This Halloween


The Henry Derby House in Salem, Massachusetts has been listed on AirBnB! Why is that interesting? Well because it’s haunted, for one thing.

A Bed and Breakfast All to Yourself


The Henry Derby House Bed & Breakfast is letting patrons rent out the full house, all five bedrooms, for a chance to have an unofficial overnight ghost tour. A private haunted house for Halloween. Or just a nice night with friends. Your (and the ghosts’) choice.

The Greek Revival vacation rental located at 47 Summer St, Salem, MA 01970, is within walking distance of downtown Salem and comes with a number of amenities including WiFi, a full kitchen, and free parking. Also the dead?

Regardless of the paranormal stuff, the Summer Street home, located 40 minutes north of Boston, will at the very least give you a chance to spend some quality time in New England in the fall, if you so choose. Plus even if none of the ghosts in the house bother you you can always hit up historic Salem’s witch museum if you feel like being spooked.

Okay But is the Henry Derby House B&B Actually Haunted?


The answer isn’t no, per se. As one AirBnB review noted, “We certainly can’t guarantee that this is a haunted house, but I have plenty of stories.”

The home does, also, have a fairly spooky story. A maid name Sarah purportedly haunts the building. The current owners claim that when they moved in Sarah would show herself to their son on the house’s third floor. She was apparently uncomfortable with the home’s new occupants, though she became accustomed to them over time. Then the house was turned into a B&B and the ghost apparently had trouble adjusting again.

Guests claim the maid will show herself or make her presence known in the getaway’s yellow room. She also tickles and massages feet and randomly cleans rooms. So if you’re a necrophiliac with a thing for feet, it’s not going to get any better than this place.

Not much is known about the ghost other than that, though many people over the years have told similar stories, unaware of the other tales, about what they experienced.

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