Forget Mud, New ‘Beer Spa’ Has its Visitors Bathing in Booze

Calling all beer lovers! I have a question for you. What is better than actually drinking beer itself? Well swimming in beer, duh! Yes, it was only a matter of time before people who eat, drink, and dream about craft beer opened up the unthinkable. Introducing Hop in the Spa, where every day is beer day! It’s truly a magical place, forget Disneyland!

The spa was the first to offer beer baths (thanks to Deschutes Brewery as their hops and beer provider) in North America and is still a fan favorite for locals and visitors. It is located in Sisters, which is a town in central Oregon and is known for its famous baths and pretzels. I mean, let’s be real, who hasn’t fantasized about diving into a giant tub of beer? Beer is tasty, it would only make sense to bathe in it.

Located on 371 West Cascade Ave, the spa offers three different soaks, with three exclusive microbrews that are all mixed with a special combo of minerals herbs, and hops to ensure a nice exfoliating experience. Each microbrew is said to come at a specific temperature and combine certain ingredients to ensure that well, it’s the best bath you have ever taken in your life. You then either have a choice of a 25-minute “microbrew soak” or a 45-minute “hops on the body” treatment where they wrap you in a sheet steeped in hops and herbs. You can also opt for the “ale foot soak” or “brew and renew body polish” if you would like something more simple.

Then, experts will pair your bath with their exclusive brews for you to enjoy during your relaxing experience. And in case you were wondering, their beer’s are not just for soaking, you can actually drink each of their exclusive brews like in the tub. They also offer a giant pretzel to satisfy your munchies, because well, why not add more carbs to the experience. Now, the list of what they offer goes on and on, these are just of the options I was instantly attracted to.

Once you’re done ‘marinating’ in the brew, you can also partake in a special massage using handcrafted hop-infused essential oils. Yes, basically, the beer spa uses hops in every part of the boozy process. But wait, there’s more! The company isn’t just limiting themselves to brew based baths, but they are also said to be expanding into hop-infused coffees in their “Hop In the Cup” blend for all you caffeine addicts.

Between you and me, this is where my money is going! Coffee is a gift from God, and this proves it. The spa is also working on bottling up their “secret blend” so you can take the “hoppy experience” home. But, that is still in the works, so you’re better off visiting their Hop Inn to get that full brew experience. Sounds like something you would do? Check out their website at to learn more about their packages and soaks! I know I am!

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