In the wake of Brexit, where United Kingdom residents voted to leave the European Union, airfare from the U.S. to Britain plunged to a three-year low.

But the deals won’t last, so if you’re hoping to take a European vacation, now is the time to book your flights.

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According to airfare research firm Hopper, airports in London and Edinburgh saw more than a 50 percent spike in search demand in the days following the June 23 Brexit vote. On June 28, airlines began slashing prices to Britain and other European countries, including France, Germany, Ireland and Spain.


Additional issues in Europe, such as terror attacks and the refugee crisis, are likely contributing to the low airfares, according to Hopper.

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The value of British currency has also dropped. The pound is now trading below $1.30 — the lowest level since the mid-1980s — making the U.K. more attractive to American travelers.

But Brexit could exclude Britain from the European Open Skies Agreements, which would cause airfare prices to climb again. So snatch up a deal while it’s hot!

(H/T: Hopper)

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